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Painting "Drowning in passion"





Ready to hang




MATERIALS: Acrylic, canvas with support


In my paintings, every person can "see" what they want, but I, as an artist, wanted to convey the following message in this painting:


Drowning is a word that seems to have a negative connotation. Drowning in passion means being in love, feeling, surrendering to feelings, but at the same time it means becoming vulnerable, no longer feeling boundaries and reason. Love and passion are different feelings. Although you can safely be together. True, pure love - only creates, molds, there is no destruction in it, while in passion there can be destructive feelings that lead to destructive actions. It's nice to drown in passion when there's love. It is risky to drown in passion when there is nothing else besides passion.


A poem that describes the emotions and thoughts of this piece


"Drown in passion"


How crows carry burdock

That's how you carry me

And on foot

Walk through the pure storm

In which...

Both are naked

As if

say those words to me

But the lips are closed - they don't say anything


I stirred day and night

I made the door

And I left

But I'm back again

Wherever you take me

Where are we not swimming?

And drowning in a storm









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Unique original painting "Drowning in passion"

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