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Painting "Blind Nudity"





Ready to hang



MEASUREMENTS: 120x80 cm.

MATERIALS: Acrylic, oil, canvas with support


In my paintings, every person can "see" what they want, but I, as an artist, wanted to convey the following message in this painting:


Nowadays, when we expose ourselves in the social space to hundreds, even thousands, by showing our everyday life, when the boundaries between what is private and public disappear, what can be published and what we should keep to ourselves, when we know each other without knowing and are known to those who have not seen us, it becomes difficult to be ourselves. , it becomes difficult not to be blind when you don't see boundaries and borders, and because of that, the blind heroine of my painting is faceless. She doesn't show her real face or real feelings, she doesn't show her eyes and look - her soul.


A poem that describes the emotion and thought of this piece


Her face is covered with sand

She dances in the forest square naked.


All the neighbors and the birds under the Christmas tree sing to her


And the red streams...

Wounded fishermen spawn under her body

Still, she is brave

She steps into the town square proudly


Only her eyes you will not see

Maybe they have been sleeping hidden in the depths of the lagoon for a long time?

She walks, although she slips.

Even though it hits the wall








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Unique original painting "Blind nudity"

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