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Painting "Drowned in the golden bed"





Ready to hang



MEASUREMENTS: 120x80 cm.

MATERIALS: Acrylic, canvas with support



The massive painting is intended for an artistic, modern, bold interior.

The picture is painted in expressionist style. This is a unique painting, an original work.


Every person can see what they want in my paintings. However, I, the artist who created it, encoded it, tried to convey the following message:


Gold and sleep (beds), or more precisely - golden beds - what do these symbols mean? Gold is, of course, luxury, wealth, success. Beds are sleep, stagnation, maybe even death. The heroine of this picture - a woman - is beautiful, but unhappy, drowning in golden bedding. How often does a man these days who seems to have everything fall asleep in those golden beds. He forgets the basic values, he does not cultivate himself spiritually. That desired and sought-after luxury covers him, he feels comfortable, but at the same time, those beds suffocate him. A person is as if asleep in a lethargic sleep, loses his mission as a human being, as a citizen of the world and abandons his ideals.


A poem describing the thoughts and emotions of this picture


By the sweet seashore

Shining moon

I will wash my hair when I bend over


My thoughts are drowning in the amber river

Sand gets into the eyes and dances

I only want one thing -


When you cover me with golden beds

And I can't stand up

I only want one


Dislocate the head after rinsing

Looking at the clear sky

mother of seagulls





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original painting "Drowned in the golden bed"

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