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Painting "Hidden"

  • Unique
  • Original
  • Handmade
  • Lacquered
  • Ready to hang



  • MEASUREMENTS: 60x80 cm.
  • MATERIALS: Acrylic, canvas with support


In my paintings, every person can "see" what they want, but I, as an artist, wanted to convey the following message in this painting:


The heroine of the picture does not show herself, she does not fully reveal herself, as if she is sparing and protecting herself. In her gaze we see fear - fear of becoming vulnerable, fear of surrendering, fear of being rejected if you are yourself, if you show yourself fully. So she hides, perhaps not only from others, but also from herself. Maybe she is afraid of what is hidden in her, how much she can hold, how powerful she is. And how often women fear their power, fear their strength, hide their other side - both from themselves and from the environment...


A poem that describes the emotion and thought of this painting




Hidden she quietly,

You hear - there only drinking oils

Where it blooms too quickly

On the ground, the rings dissolve


Hiding she is silent,

Although it says a million words

Silence three times

Silences three times when the air freezes


Hidden she watches,

On the street between the traffic lights

The crowd waves to her gently


She visually accompanies

Crushed air

Swelling in the lungs


She accompanies her eyes,

In hiding, she will not give herself away

Only when he steps through the forest

Samonom will emerge



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Unique original painting "Hidden"

€260.00 Regular Price
€130.00Sale Price
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