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Painting "Sea in the glass of water"

  • Unique,
  • Original
  • Handmade
  • Lacquered
  • Ready to hang



  • MEASUREMENTS: 50x70 cm.
  • MATERIALS: Acrylic, canvas with support


A poem that describes the thoughts and emotions expressed by this painting







I see a crystal sea of water in a glassy sea.


I can hear the waves of a wheezing tsunami there


Rises in the chest.


Beating like gongs on me without any respite.


From that wave


Dropped salts


Tears my tongue.


I'm so thirsty, and more fish...


You will bring me the boiled one on a plate.




And a deep thought will haunt me -


I'm trying not to fall...


I try to hold on to the crystal glass.








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Painting "Sea in the glass of water"

€220.00 Regular Price
€110.00Sale Price
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