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Painting "What's in Your Eyes"






Ready to hang





MEASUREMENTS: 120x80 cm.

MATERIALS: Acrylic, canvas with support



In my paintings, every person can "see" what they want, but I, as an artist, wanted to convey the following message in this painting:




The heroine of the painting is wrapped in golden threads, she is restrained by what has served, what has become old, what has already fulfilled its mission. She is constrained by old relics, the past, and the old self. Behind her, the clouds, like the shadows of the past, do not let go, do not let go. Her gaze is straight, calm and true and sure, no matter even the fact that the blizzard is blowing at him. This means - she will not give up, she will go far, she will stand up, untangle herself, rise with her "wooden" leg, learn to walk again.




A poem that describes the feelings and thoughts of this painting




"What's in your eyes"




And I saw a blue lagoon in your gaze

And the sky - clouds passing by fire...

A lake could be found from your tears

When you dipped your feet, you tried to get out of it,

Wrapped in golden threads, the band will heal...

But first, you need to stand up with wooden legs

Your hair is tangled in the blizzard

In their roots seagulls cry

And every time I look at you

Still the same story

There are azure seas and clouds passing through fire.








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Unique original painting "What's in your eyes?"

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