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Painting "Prayer"

  • Unique
  • Original
  • Handmade
  • Lacquered
  • Ready to hang



  • MEASUREMENTS: 120x80 cm.
  • MATERIALS: Acrylic, canvas with support


In my paintings, every person can "see" what they want, but I, as an artist, wanted to convey the following message in this painting:


The hero of the picture is a beauty with a golden crown, but on her face, in her gaze, there is a sign of indescribable pain. She looks hopefully at the sky, although her hands are lowered and the corners of her lips hang down - she betrays - there is no more hope - God does not hear her, does not answer her prayers. Despite the great disappointment, despite the fact that the prayer request will not be heard - little signs indicate light, the dawn of life. It just seems to her that God does not hear her, he sends her honey and the green of the forest, he brings her rays where he touches her wounded body. She prays for the impossible, but does not yet see what she gets.


A poem describing the emotions and the thought conveyed by the picture


Putting my melting hands together, I lift my head up

Maybe you're here, (that's what people say) maybe you hear - will you hear my wishes?

Nothing forbids you to want - laugh, even laugh.

I'm a step back, a blind eye

I'm going to your church

I'm standing... The door here is opened by the wind

You are not here for me

He invites me in a calm voice, enlightens me

And I'm blind, deaf

He says - I gave the black night for you to see

Streams of blood, fountains of mud

He says - when does the morning break?

Prayer can raise him up.




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Unique original painting "Prayer"

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